My work explores the disjunction between self perception and the idealized self. Part observation, part self exploration, the work aims to elevate flaws that occur in this exploration to hold a mirror up to its original; filtering conventional perceptions into a reimagined construct which becomes a stage for neurotic vibrations embedded into the core of my work. Filtered through the lens of my small town origin, which initially limited my perception but ultimately ignited my imagination, I hone in on the ‘idealized’ element so that the work is armored with its protective layers of glossy seductive overtones, while simultaneously protecting its internalized malfunctioned core. But rather than disguising unwanted dysfunctions, instead it conspicuously announces them by transforming them from secretive wounds into hard-fought trophies, claiming ownership by embracing them.


The impulse to re-contextualize my own life through an imagined reality can be seen in my brand persona, ‘Spencer Product,’ an extension of myself, self-branded, that explores a blend of music, art, design, nightlife culture and personal history. This mix of creative platforms drives my work to exist in an eclectic inventory of my work as a creative engineer. New Wave/Punk music culture, pop culture iconography, and subcultural themes that surround me serve as gateways to my aesthetic inspiration. Akin to a DJ approach, mixing media, sampling themes, and injecting ephemeral layers, my work culminates in an intersection where uncanny altered realities emerge.


Over the past couple decades, working with mixed media from drawing and illustration, graphic design, silkscreening, music production, and cultivating nightlife/entertainment culture have been my vehicles to explore this rich terrain. My work continues to explore this path through the discovery and incorporation of new and innovative media, remixing preexisting ephemera into my lens of self-expression, allowing my work to exist simultaneously in the realms of both fine art and the commercial technological design/art world - or in the unexplored space in-between.