Spencer Product has been a fixture in New York City’s downtown scene for nearly two decades. As a creative entrepreneur he has taken on a variety of roles, including DJ, event curator, art director, graphic designer, and music producer. With this broad range of creative outlets, his attention to the pulse of the underground, and his innovative vision, Spencer has made an impact on New York nightlife and the environments that surround his projects.

Born in the Midwest, Spencer moved to New York in the late nineties, where he landed in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Inspired by the burgeoning neighborhood, he began hosting parties in his loft, attracting an eclectic mix of creative individuals who were driven by music, nightlife, and creativity. By 2000, having outgrown the space, these gatherings moved to club venues, beginning at the legendary Pyramid Club in the East Village with famed nightlife figure Larry Tee. After gaining a loyal audience, they moved the event to Williamsburg for back-to-back weekend events at Club Luxx (later known as Trash). They branded this scene Electroclash to reflect its eccentric sound and eclectic audience, garnering international attention which launched Spencer’s DJ career to global status.

Spencer continued to create impactful weekly events such as We Bite! (Tuesdays at Happy Ending from 2003-2006) with up-and-coming nightlife innovator Stefan Lockdown, followed by multi-leveled rock and rave event Ruff Club (Fridays at The Annex from 2006-2009). These weekly events fueled Spencer’s reputation as an architect of music and nightlife experience led to collaborations with the fashion world, including event for clients such as Stella McCartney and Dior Homme, runway shows for DKNY and Banana Republic, and a variety of residencies and special events in both domestic and international locations. Following these celebrated engagements, Spencer has gone on to DJ and host regularly, while also broadening into experiential design for events.

Alongside his DJ and events career, Spencer produced several music projects, including Prance, a warped, robo-Prince protégé solo act; Black Moustache, a conceptual dance-punk music band; and The Dirt Lab, a music collaboration with Grammy Award nominated producer/musician Jake Sinclair. His productions have been used in fashion shows, film soundtracks, and in syndicated TV programs.  In 2005, Spencer and Black Moustache collaborator Mike Skinner were commissioned by Art Production Fund’s, Yvonne Force-Villarreal to write and produce a Mother Inc. album which waspresented by Fendi.

Spencer presently splits his time between developing his personal projects and working as an art director/graphic designer, while continuing to DJ special events.